Lukas Hughes de Saint-Clair is true renaissance man; a prolific, award winning, primarily self-taught writer, image maker, art educator, performing artist and extraordinary visionary.

Based on real-life experiences he creates large scale, narrative, mixed media visual artworks from various perspectives. Additionally, he writes creative non-fiction and children's books, in both English and German.

"I believe we all have an inherant human need to be understood and to be somewhat of a benefit to society. Most of my characters share this desire. Although I practice both literary and visual art, I see myself more as a storyteller with a small hope that some may understand and enjoy my take on things."

Saint-Clair is a recipiant of a 'Maître des Arts Contemporains' from the Neue Reiter Gilde comprising over 30 years of creative experience in various media with fine art and photographic works in private and public collections worldwide.



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